About ZARA

NOTE: ZARA constantly updates this homepage. For reasons of time and staff however, it is impossible to offer more than basic informations in other languages than German. Please contact us anytime if you have questions!

The name ZARA which is a German acronym of “Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit, which means “Civil Courage and Anti-Racism Work” in English. It was founded in 1999, its mission is to combat racism and to promote civil courage as well as a positive approach to cultural diversity.

Counselling victims and witnesses of racism

Racism is a feature of everyday life in Austria. Victims of racism or witnesses of racist incidents require information, support and (legal) advice on how to proceed further. Anybody confronted directly or indirectly by racism in Austria can turn to the counselling service offered by ZARA.

  • The ZARA team of counsellors provides information on the legal and other steps to be taken in the event of racist violations
  • The counsellors support clients and accompany them on mutually agreed courses of action
  • The counselling service maintains systematic records of all incidents reported by witnesses
  • The counselling provided by ZARA is free of charge

Counselling service for victims and witnesses of racism: beratung@zara.or.at

Racism Report

The Racism Report is the only source of information about racist incidents and structures in Austria. English translations of the report are available for free download (PDF, 3 MB)

Training, courses and workshops

As one of its many tasks, ZARA undertakes social information and awareness activities. ZARA offers training courses to businesses and educational institutions, as well as an annual training course in anti-racism work.

The modules offered illustrate the scope of its activities

  • Awareness and/or sensitisation
  • Courage of one’s convictions
  • Legal situation
  • Language (ab)use

The modules are adjusted to the needs of each individual group: the success of this strategy is borne out by the list of references and positive feedback received by ZARA

Information on and bookings for training activities, the ZARA training course, awareness programmes and educational courses info@training-zara.or.at or zara-training.at

ZARA-Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus Arbeit
Schönbrunner Straße 119/13
A-1050 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (1) 929 13 99
Fax: +43 (1) 929 13 99-99

Please ring or send an e-mail (beratung@zara.or.at) to make an appointment

In order to avoid unnecessary hold-ups, please do not come to the office without making an appointment

Press contacts, media enquiries and other public relations issues: presse@zara.or.at

Please use the order form on the website to obtain your copy of the racism report. You can take a peek inside the complete current issue in english (PDF) here on our website.

ZARA is committed to the following

To enhance civil courage and to promote an Austrian society free of racism; to fight against all forms of racism; to promote the legal and factual equality of all people living in Austria irrespective of their colour of skin, language, appearance, religious belief, citizenship or origin.

General Principles of ZARA

(2 definitions, 2 motives, 5 principles)

ZARA defines racist discrimination as follows:

Racism applies if a person and/or a group of people is subject to any form of discrimination on the grounds of their colour of skin, language, appearance, religious belief, citizenship or origin.

ZARA defines civil courage as follows:

Civil courage starts with the perception of wrongs and the feeling of responsibility and results in the need to act, i.e. in having the courage to actively stand up for someone who is wronged. This may mean the risk of being exposed to disadvantages oneself and of having to run counter to societal and public regulations or tendencies.

ZARA becomes active on the following two grounds:

  1. If it is given the mandate by victims of racist discrimination to take action on their behalf.
  2. ZARA initiates its own activities with the goal of a society free of racism.

In the pursuance of these two goals, ZARA is committed to the following five fundamental principles:

Principle No. 1: Racism concerns us all.

Racism is a social phenomenon which must be dealt with and fought by all people irrespective of whether they belong to a minority or a majority.

Principle No. 2: Diversity within ZARA.

Personal experiences with racist discrimination are considered an important qualification. This applies both to ZARA’s recruiting policy as well as to our selection of partners, experts and allies.

Principle No. 3: No policy of representation.

People confronted with racism and minorities discriminated according to the above definition are supported by ZARA upon request. Their empowerment is one of the aims pursued.

Principle No. 4: Alliances and pro-active networking with representative groups.

Knowing the people who are directly exposed to and affected by racism is an important resource. The mutual exchange of information and experiences serves to pre-empt to the largest possible extent the possibility of working parallel or in opposition to one another.

Principle No. 5: Gender Mainstreaming.

ZARA is committed to the equality of men and women along the lines of Gender Mainstreaming. This means that the different conditions, situations and needs of women and men are systematically taken into consideration in each and every measure or initiative being organised, conceived, implemented and evaluated. All measures are designed in a way to promote the equality of women and men.